Keep informed without being overwhelmed.

That was my aim when I started doing The Full Belmonte in 2015. As the presidential campaign ramped up that summer, the news cycle became an avalanche and I suspected I wasn’t the only one having a difficult time keeping up with it. While drinking my morning coffee one morning, I made the spontaneous decision to make a Facebook post including extracts from several stories of the day that I found significant. Friends responded very positively and encouraged me to keep doing it. My friend Bob coined the clever name and here we are.

I am a professional historian with a Ph.D. in U.S. History. My specializations are U.S. History since 1945, U.S. foreign relations, and U.S. politics. Although I occasionally do political commentary, I intentionally omit my opinions from The Full Belmonte. With so much of our media now suffused with commentary and spin, The Full Belmonte is a compendium of news extracts drawn from multiple outlets with the aim of informing, not advocating. I do not write original content and cite the sources of the items I include.

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